• Richard Peck

Fabulous Find!

Master the World Wine Tasting

How I wish this sort of tasting experience had been available when I was studying for my Court of Master Sommelier exams. But don't think for a moment the value of these curated collections is limited to wine professionals studying for exams. That's why I'm so excited. Every serious wine enthusiast can benefit!

Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein and Full Circle Wine Solutions have created the "Master the World" wine experience. Each six-bottle shipment (187 ml bottles) includes carefully selected wines to hone your palate and provide the broadest possible exposure to the classic wines of the world. As a wine enthusiast, you now can taste the same way sommeliers train.

Click this link for much more information. There are so many clever, creative aspects to this project, I immediately signed-on to the Indiegogo launch campaign. Knowing Evan and the quality of Full Circle's work over the years, this has my wholehearted support. I can't wait to get my first tasting kit!

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