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Beer—really—on the "Wine Finds" page?

Yup. Sometimes something other than a glass of wine is needed, despite how lovely wine is on all occasions! For example, a Master Sommelier friend is also well-versed on sake. So, when enjoying sushi with him, sake is the pairing. Similarly, on a 100˚ day, as wonderful as a well-chilled glass or two of rosé might be, beer is awfully nice.

If you're around the Portland area, here's some info on the assortment Susan & I tried with friends. Can't guarantee their availability elsewhere (the first beer listed being an exception because we love "sours"). From left to right:

  • Crooked Stave "Brett d'Or" beer is from Denver. But it's a great example of a sour, as well as a brettanomyces' inoculated beer. Those who love "barnyard" in their Burgundies take note.

  • Grain Station "Haystack Gold" is made in McMinnville, OR. Pleasant, but not the standout of the evening.

  • Benedictine "Black Habit" is offered by the monks of Mount Angel (OR) Abbey and Monastery, near Silverton, OR. Not as heavy/malty as a porter or stout. Delightful, even on a hot day; roasted coffee notes, refreshing when well-chilled.

  • Laurelwood "Workhorse" IPA, Portland, OR. Well-regarded West Coast-style IPA. But maybe I'm moving beyond over-the-top hops? Not right for tonight.

  • Golden Valley Brewery "Chehalem Mountain" IPA. Pleasant, but not the standout of the evening.

  • Seven Brides "Kili's Kölsch"—the winner of the night, followed by the Benedictine "Black Habit." Seven Brides, Silverton, OR. Flavorful, good texture, great choice for a 100˚ day (but a lot of other days, as well).

By the way, if it looks like the bottles get larger from left to right, nope—just wide-angle lens camera distortion.

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