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Italian Charmer

Coenobium was mentioned in the post about Divino Wine & Spirits in Denver. Here's the wine. As you can see, it is a blend of Trebbiano (45%), Malvasia (35%), and Verdicchio (20%).

One of the most charming attributes of the wine is not what's in the bottle, although it was lovely, but the fact the wine is made by Sisters of the Cistercian order at their monastery in Vitorchiano—see the circular seal at the top right in the photo?

This wine is a Neal Rosenthal import. In wine classes, I often suggest that when choosing Old World wines, if you don't know the region and cannot read the language on the front label, look at the back. If you know 4-5 discerning importers, you can count on the wine's typicity and chances are you'll be rewarded with a wine you'll enjoy. Neal Rosenthal's portfolio of imports certainly fit that description.

See more at the link below.

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