• Richard Peck

Split Rail Surpise!

Idaho wine? Darned right.

We all know—at least, all who are seriously interested in wine— wine is made in each of the 50 states. Doesn't mean good wine is being made. But the Split Rail Wines (Boise, ID) aren't in that category. The Split Rail wines are keepers, worth attention.

While in Boise, Susan & I had the pleasure of meeting Casey Lea at the Wine Co-op. Tasting through Split Rail's line-up with her, we were especially pleased with their dry rosé made from Cinsault and their Laser Fox Cinsault, finished in Split Rail's concrete egg.

Click here for more about the egg. Scroll down and watch the video featuring winemaker Jed Glavin. In the video, you'll also hear Jed talk about Washington wine country's success and how he envisions the same thing happening in Idaho. We do, too.

And Split Rail is doing the right stuff to create Millennial and Gen-X wine enthusiasts: contemporary graphics, urban tasting room in Garden City, and wine in 375ml cans—a half-bottle. Susan & I would have eagerly purchased these when backpacking, instead of 750ml glass bottles.

If you're traveling close to Boise, don't miss Split Rail Wines. If you're not heading that way soon, but you live in one of a state that permits shipping, you can order through their website.

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