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Don't Rule Out Rosés!

One of the most wonderful summertime wines is rosé. A rosé wine is made by leaving the skins of dark grapes in contact with the fermenting juice for just a short time. Rather than producing a red wine, the result is rosé—a wine that can range in color from a pinkish-brown color sometimes called "onion skin," to a deep pink- or rose-colored wine.

Many people shy away from rosé because they think the pink color always tastes like White Zinfandel. Just as an aside, how's that for a contradiction in terms? The Zinfandel grape is dark, it is a "red" grape, not white. And White Zinfandel is pink, not white.

Gobelsburg is a noble wine producer in Austria. This rosé is totally dry and wonderfully acidic (if that term seems odd, for a definition of "acidity," read the Wine 101, Wine 102, etc., series). Two varietals are included: Zweigelt and St. Laurent, grape types most of us in the U.S. have never tasted.

Susan & I enjoyed several bottles of the Gobelsburg Cistercian Rosé at Northstar Café in Liberty Township (outside Cincinnati), Ohio. When time permits, I'll post a review of Northstar to Yelp!, but don't miss this restaurant if you are nearby in the Cincinnati suburbs.

Equally important, don't miss the beauties of dry rosé wines. These are not sweet, like White Zinfandel, but are absolutely lovely wines for warm summer days—a perfect meeting place for those of us who love whites when outdoor temperatures are high, as well as those of us who say, "Oh, I only drink reds."

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