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Texas Olive Oil

When Susan & I were in Rome and stayed at the Parco dei Principi, a shop in the lobby was staffed by both wine and olive oil sommeliers. How's that for a hotel amenity? If I could go back to Italy for a sufficient amount of time and become an oil sommelier, I would.

Since we can't do that right now, we do comparative olive oil tastings at home. If you are interested, you may also find retailers who conduct EVOO tastings — much like wine tastings. For example, we did a wonderful olive oil tasting at Beltramo's in Menlo Park, CA, with twelve different EVOOs from five countries.

At home we do more limited tastings. Compared three oils today, including our first Texas oil—from Arbequina and Koroneiki, grown in Devers, Liberty County, SE Texas.

Tasted the Texas oil side-by-side with Katz "Chef's Pick," a California favorite to which Nancy Cutler introduced us, and Simoni Grove (made in limited amounts by friends Kim and Wayne "Trees" Simoni)—our all-time favorite.

If you haven't tried this, get some good bread, at least three EVOOs, and a nice bottle of wine to accompany the tasting. It's a meal in itself and a great experience!

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