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Well Done Duchman

In our "First Foray" post, I mentioned Duchman Family Winery. Our schedule still has not permitted a visit, but after enjoying two of their wines, Susan & I are more eager than ever to travel to Driftwood, TX.

Our first bottle of Duchman was their 2011 Montepulciano. Having spent time in Italy and because we enjoy Montepulciano d'Abruzzo by a number of Italian producers, we purchased Duchman's rendering of this varietal. We were not disappointed! Duchman's understanding of Italian varietals and their suitability for Texas terroir was clear in this wine. One suggestion: open and decant at least two hours before serving. The wine was very very tight initially, but opened up generously with time.

Our second bottle of Duchman was their 2014 Vermentino. When I was working nightly serving guests as a sommelier, I often suggested they try our Tenuta Guado al Tasso Vermentino from the Bolgheri region as an alternative to the overly oaked Chardonnay that was fashionable at the time. The Duchman Vermentino is brighter, with more citrus aromas and acidity. The Duchman Vermentino is truly a lovely wine, wonderfully easy to pair with food, but also more than sufficiently interesting to be enjoyed alone.

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