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Welcome to Wine Finds!

"Wine Finds" is a section where you'll find quick posts about wines worth your attention. Not all will be easy to find, but that's part of the fun: seeking great values or searching for an unusual bottle to delight yourself and friends. "Wine Finds" also includes "Wine 101" posts designed to build your knowledge of wine, along with answers to questions you may have wanted to ask, but you were afraid of encountering wine snobbery (like "What's better: bottled or boxed wine?").

So, keep up with our favorite wine finds here! Meanwhile, if you have questions, send an email or a quick text. Workload permitting, we normally answer emails and texts within 24 hours—more quickly when possible. Comments on posts welcomed, too. But most of all, thanks for stopping by and coming along on the journey with the Sojourning Somm.

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