About The Sojourning Somm

Richard Peck  is The Sojourning Somm—a C.S. (Certified Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers) and a C.W.E. (Certified Wine Educator, Society of Wine Educators).

Richard most recently served as Wine & Beverage Director for South Carolina's premier restaurant group, Table 301. He also was a judge for several years at The Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival. Richard was on staff at Chateau St. Jean, Sonoma Valley, California. He has studied and visited wine regions in France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. He and his wife, Susan, organized a 1,000+ member wine club on Meetup.com.

But . . . what's this "sojourning" stuff? In 2015, Richard and his wife, Susan, sold their home, purchased a 40' motor coach, and hit the road. A much-respected wine colleague in California suggested the Sojourning Somm theme and this website was born! Have a look at "Have Somm Fun" to see what we can do for you.

Susan Peck  is a wine and cookbook editor, with credits including Diving Into Wine, by Wayne Belding, MS, as well as Soby's New South Cuisine Cookbook, first and second editions.

Prior to her career as an editor, she authored three books of her own including a world history textbook and (with colleagues) two books on web software. She was instrumental in the founding and success of the 1,000+ member Wine Meetup, organizing tastings, educational sessions, and wine dinners. 

The concept of doing wine education and wine blogging at locations around the U.S. from a motorhome was Susan's. At the start, Richard & Susan simply called their next steps "S.W.E.P.—Susan's Wild-Eyed Plan." They're now on the road tasting and teaching, as well as writing a book about their first year living and working from an RV.